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Bread Making

Bread Making
Bread Making
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Bread Making

Most of the times, bread acts as a major breakfast item. Jam or butter spread over a crunchy bread makes up a pleasurable breakfast. These bread are also used in making sandwiches for breakfast or brunch. The breads that have grown stale are also sold by the shopkeepers by saying them as healthy. To restrict your life from causing health problems, you can learn to make your own bread at home or preferred place by enrolling in our bread making classes. The self and hand made bread is completely hygienic, soft and fresh. You definitely would not like the process how breads are made in the market!

We charge an economic fee for getting enrolled in our bread making classes. We have at our disposal, trained professionals, to teach the various methods of preparing fresh bread. Also, they provide a thorough knowledge about the precautions that are to be taken while making them for having pure breads. Alongside making your own bread, you can also set up your own business.

The entire range of bread making courses we offer are:

  • Brown Bread
  • Spinach & Olive Bread
  • Pizza base
  • Wheat and Oats Bread
  • Focaccia
  • Calzone
  • Garlic Olive Bread
  • Multi Grain Bread
  • Sandwich Bread
  • Choco chip bread
  • Milk Bread


Most of the people prefer the taste of our Buns/rolls. These are the most delicious and demanded food item in the market. A person of any age or social background, always desires to have these buns or rolls. Rich people enjoy these buns in the form of burger while the poor consumes this bun with tea. Every house has a must-have food item and that is buns and rolls. Buns/rolls. From small kids, young, grown up to old people, everyone have these in breakfast. Stuffing with bhaji or by applying cream on them, these buns can be consumed. To know how to have these buns in various ways, get enrolled with us. If you wish to, then it is simple. Just get enrolled with CSDO.

The entire range of buns/rolls making courses are:
  • Pao Buns
  • Knot Buns
  • Dinner Roll
  • Chana Masala


Croissants/Danish are one of those pastries that are available through online and can also be availed through local restaurants and bakeries. As there are a gamut of pastries to savor, but the taste of these Croissants/Danish pastries is very different. At various kitty parties or other home functions, ceremony, etc, these pastries are the best food stuff for enjoying. We provide extensive information on what are the raw materials used in making them. If you have always wished to make these pastries on your own and never been able to, then get enrolled with CSDO. AT CSDO, we have an excellent team that provides complete knowledge about how to make these Croissants/Danish pastries.

The complete range that our Croissants/Danish making course include:
Plain Croissants
Cheese Croissants
Apple & Cinnamona Danish
Chocolate Danish


Did you ever taste a Quiche? IF you had not, Try them once and they will become your favorite food item. They taste like mouth watering dishes. Specially the kids love to eat them. Along with kids, many teenagers also prefer this stuff. You can contact CSDO if you want to learn how to prepare them on your own. Our team at CSDO, is excellent and provides every detail about the preparation techniques of quiche making.

These are the various quiche making available under our quiche making courses:

  • Veg Quiche
  • Mushroom Quiche
  • Paneer Quiche


Following is the entire range under Patties making course:
  • Paneer Pattie
  • French Hearts
  • Cream Roll
  • Veg Pattie

Duration: 15 days
Fee: 25,000/-


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