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Candle Making

In our start up candle making course, you will get an insight of the skills required, the raw material used, and also get to learn about the different colors, shapes, packing and molding of the candles. You will be taught the basic techniques. Of candle making. Available course fee is 8,500 rupees and the duration is of 2 days.
In our elite professional candle making courses, you are free to choose variety of molds for making candle. Designer candles can enhance the room look and beauty with their elegant design and amazing finishing. Here at this company we bring you to the amazing profession of candle making that can change ones lifestyle and they can excel in life.
Hurricane candles are a nifty candle making variation that creates a shell of wax that you insert a votive candle into. When the votive is gone, you just insert another one and enjoy the candle again. While their lovely simple glow is enough of a reason to make them, many people will embed flowers, photos, candy or any number of other items into the shell to give an even more intricate look.

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