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Chocolate Making Professional Courses

Chocolate Making Professional Courses
Chocolate Making Professional Courses
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Product Description
Do you wish to kick start your own business without having to invest much? Do you wish to learn professional chocolate packaging? Have no clear ideas about the pricing and marketing your chocolates? To understand them all, get started with CSDO which can make you an influential entrepreneur.

Theoretical part of our professional chocolate making course includes:

  • Introduction of chocolates: compound chocolates, chocolates & coverture and choosing of chocolate
  • Introduction of essence and mold
  • Difference between soft center and hard center
  • Introduction about truffle and dipped chocolates
  • Styles of chocolate packing paper and choosing the paper
  • Knowledge of chocolate making machines
  • Knowledge of making chocolates for production purposes
  • Do’s and dont’s of chocolate making
  • Marketing and costing

The Practical part of this course includes:
  • Practical demonstration of making molded chocolates (Plain Chocolate Bar, Flavored Chocolate Bar, Dry Fruit Chocolate Bar, Crunchy Chocolate Bar, Butterscotch Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Shells, Soft Centers, Vanilla, Coconut, Hard Centers, Coffee, Pineapple, Walnut Chocolate Bar, Rum N Raisin Chocolate Bar, Roasted Cashew Chocolates, Roasted Almonds Chocolates, Roasted Pistachio Chocolates)
  • Practical demonstration of making Rocks and Clusters (Chunky Cluster, Orange Cluster, Hazelnut Cluster, Pistachio Rocks, Peppermint Chromate Sticks, Walnut Chocolate Sticks, Chocolate Peanut Cluster with Walnuts, Fruit & Nutty Cluster, Butterscotch with Candid Peal Cluster, Coffee Cluster with Walnuts, Candid Peel, Butterscotch Rocks, Cherries in the snow and Snow Rocks Almond Stick)
  • Practical demonstration of Center Filling (Ganache, Vanilla Ganache, Hazelnut Ganache, Lemon Ganache and Caramel)
  • Practical demonstration of making Liqueur Chocolate (Mint Liquor, Rum Liquor, Ginger Liquor, Cherry Liquor Rose Cream Liquor, Screwdriver, Almond Liquor, Banana Liquor, Lemon Liquor, Coffee Liquor, Grapefruit Liquor, Mocktail Liquor, Chocolate Liquor, Pina Colada Liquor, Whiskey Liquor, Strawberry Liquor, All your Honey, Rose Mint Liquor and Orange Colada Liquor)
  • Practical demonstration of making Dates Chocolates (Dates & Marzipan Truffle, Almond & Dates Chocolate, Marzipan Dates Chocolate, Pista & Apricot Truffle with Dates, Rose Petal Dates Chocolate, Candid Peels, Dates Truffle and Caramelized Almond Dates Chocolate)
  • Practical demonstration of making Designer Chocolates
  • Basic chocolate packaging

Course fees : Rs. 20,000
Course duration : 10 days


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