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Chocolate Making

Apart from eating chocolates, anyone who are interested in making delicious & mouthwatering chocolates can contact us. Our learning institute is providing Start Up Courses for Chocolates Making to both the amateurs and professionals. Our academy provides in-depth experience to the students on different aspects of chocolate making, packaging and presentation.
The chocolate lovers can also learn to make Designer Chocolates  through our Professional Courses. Our chocolates making courses also helps the budding chefs, entrepreneurs and chocolatiers in making a distinctive place for themselves in India's fastest growing confectionery sector. The training is provided by the trained & qualified teachers who teaches you about the different techniques of making varied kind of chocolates.

Individual who wants to expand his/her chocolate business, they can contact our training academy to increase their portfolio by taking our informative classes. In our Advance Courses, the individual will get complete chocolate processing training by the professionals. Through this Advance Course, you can learn each & every aspect of making chocolates from ingredients to techniques and recipe
Under our Chocolate Bouquet making course, we provide you an extensive knowledge on the various ways to make unique types of chocolate bouquets. The Hand crafted chocolate bouquets that are special gifts for various occasions. The chocolate bouquet making that we teach you are not available in the market.
Under our Chocolate Project making course, we are providing complete training to the amateurs and professionals to learn about multiple processing techniques of Choco-deco Chocolates and Drinking Hot Chocolates. The beginners can easily acquire the knowledge and skills for making appetizing & delectable variety of chocolates through our professional Chocolate Project course.
Learn to make the best Chocolate Truffles by taking admission in our learning centre. Our appointed professionals helps you in learning the art along with practical demonstrations in making Chocolates Truffles with different flavors, colors, ingredients and shapes in an interesting & amazing way. Become a chocolate making genius in just few months with interactive, interesting and easy classes.

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