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Cosmetics Making

Want to get rid of chemically loaded lotions and moisturizers? Now, you can make your own set of Lotions & Moisturizers from natural and herbal extracts by joining our Lotion & Moisturizers making courses. Under this program, our experts teaches you different techniques and methods to make fruit based and herbs based body lotions & moisturizers for different skin type.
Learn how to make Face Packs & Face Scrubs at a professional level by taking admissions in our learning courses. In our comprehensive training, we will assist each student about the variegated techniques and tools used for making natural face scrubs & face packs. Our exclusively designed courses helps you in making your own face packs & scrubs by using which you can take care of your skin and treat different skin related problems.
Learn the techniques and methods for making Facial Gels by enrolling in our professional course. In our Facial Gel Making Course, the students get to know about the various ingredients and natural herbs different uses, applications and tools required to make facial gels. Our teachers not only provide theoretical but also practical knowledge to the students for better understanding.

Now you can customize your Bath Salts & Bath Bombs which are used for improved cleaning, by taking admission into our professional & affordable Bath Salt & Bath Bomb making courses. By joining our programs, you can learn the art of making Bath Salts & Bombs in lavender, rose, cinnamon & other types and you can start your own business of natural cosmetics.

You can learn to make natural and organic Creams within few months of professional training which is providing by our reputed institute. Under this Cream Making course, you get to know about the natural properties of various ingredients like lemon, rose, aloe vera, milk, rose water, herbal extracts etc. which are used in the preparation of Creams. We have a team of qualified teachers who will guide you in making your own customize collection of creams.

How to make makeup is a creative skill which you can learn through our Personal Cosmetic Making course in our training centre. Our personal care products experts will teach you the basic understanding of ingredients used in cosmetics and how different colors are prepared in makeup. If you want to start an interesting, creative and profitable business than there is nothing better than to make makeup by your own.

Shampoo is one of the most essential hair product that is used for removing dirt, oil, dandruff and improves the hair quality. Our Shampoo Making course teaches you about the different herbal and organic ingredients used for making shampoos for dry or oily skin type. In-depth knowledge is provided to the students to process effective Shampoos for different problems like hair fall, dry hairs,  split-ends etc. We are making consistent efforts to provide latest knowledge about this industry to the students.

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